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Sawing metal is a mechanical process that employs a specialized saw blade to make precise cuts in various metal materials. This method provides flexibility in cutting different shapes and sizes, making it a versatile option for creating intricate designs or specific lengths in metal fabrication.


Shearing metal involves a mechanical process where a shear tool is used to produce straight-line cuts. Particularly suitable for sheet metal and flat materials, shearing is an efficient method for creating uniform lengths or shapes. This process is commonly employed in metalworking to achieve accurate and clean-edged results.


Water Jet

Water jet cutting is a precision machining process that utilizes a high-pressure stream of water, often mixed with abrasive particles, to precisely cut through various materials.  This versatile method is effective for an array of materials, offering an advantage in intricate designs and tight tolerances. Unlike traditional cutting methods, water jet cutting produces minimal heat, reducing the risk of material distortion or damage.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting metal is a highly precise and versatile process that employs a focused laser beam to cut through various types of metal. This method is known for its ability to create intricate and detailed designs, offering a high level of precision in metal fabrication. The laser beam melts, burns, or vaporizes the material, resulting in clean and accurate cuts, making it a preferred choice for industries requiring fine-tuned metal components.

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