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Custom Tubing

metal bars that have had the center bore


Boring, a cornerstone of our precision machining services, is a methodical process dedicated to creating precisely customized cylindrical holes. This subtractive technique ensures the fabrication of bespoke components with accuracy and tailored specifications. Widely applicable across diverse industries, our boring services deliver meticulous craftsmanship and consistent results. Explore our boring solutions for precision machining that caters to the unique requirements of your projects.


Discover precision in our machining services through Honing—a meticulous process that finely refines and smoothens surfaces to your distinct specifications. Utilizing subtractive methods, we craft custom components with precision finishes. Versatile across industries, our honing services provide exacting accuracy and reliable outcomes. Explore our honing solutions tailored to meet the distinctive demands of your projects.



Trepanning, part of our precision machining services, involves controlled cutting to create custom cylindrical holes. This subtractive process ensures meticulous craftsmanship, offering exact precision and repeatable results across various industries. Explore our trepanning services for tailored solutions to meet your project's unique demands.

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